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Blazing trails since September 1, 2004!

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What is the Quicksilver Expedition?

The Quicksilver Expedition is a unit of the YMCA Trailblazers serving Saratoga, CA and neighboring communities. The Expedition was formed during the summer of 2004 by a group of fathers who enjoyed the Indian Princesses and just didn't want to stop.

We welcome new members who want to experience a wonderful father/daughter or father/son experience. In the fall of 2006 we are beginning our third year. You can help us build a tradition that we hope will survive for many years. All activities are done together with your child and with the great friends you will meet through the program. The program is for boys and girls in 5th through 8th grade, but we are flexible. We serve the same areas covered by the Southwest YMCA.

As with the Adventure Guides (see below), the emphasis is on doing fun things together with your son or daughter. We plan to have at least one event each month that appeals to the age group. Unlike the Adventure Guides, we are not planning to have monthly meetings with story, song, craft, and ceremonies. All the details are flexible, so please join and help us build the program.

Almaden Quicksilver County Park

Our Name - Quicksilver Expedition

Our expedition derives its name from the rich history surrounding the mining of mercury ore in the area now occupied by Almaden Quicksilver County Park. The ore, called "cinnabar" or "vermillion" was refined to produce quicksilver, otherwise known as Mercury. Many people don't realize that the richest of all the mining operations in the history of the California gold rush was actually the quicksilver mine in our own back yard. In spite of the serious environmental consequences of 19th century mining techniques, the park is now one of the most beautiful and interesting places for a day hike in our area.

Adventure Guides

Sierra Expedition

Trailblazers is a continuation of the YMCA Adventure Guides, but for older children and their Dad's. While many of our members were formerly in that program and just didn't want to quit, we are just as happy to have brand new members who have never participated in any YMCA parent/child programs. For a taste of what Adventure Guides is all about, you might want to visit the home page of the Sierra Expedition.

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