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Fall Campout - Manresa State Beach

September 28 - September 30, 2007 Manresa State Beach, Park Brochure

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  • September 28 - September 30: Fall Campout, Coordinator: Chris Hilton

We have the sites for the Manresa campout sept 28th-30th.We have six sites for Friday and Sat night (55-58 and 62 and 64) and three more sites Sat night only (52-54).  This gives us a capacity of 48 for friday and 72 for Sat.  Our sites are basically the same as last year.
                  Dave and Steve (not all Daves and Steves -  just the ones who know who you are, can one of you contact me 8597725) have volunteered to do Sat dinner and Sunday breakfast for the group. Does anyone want to step up to do Sat. lunch or should that be on your own? All other meals are on your own.
              For those that have not been about,  have the people show up Friday night the others Sat morning,  It is a laid back weekend of beach play and campfire bonding.There are no official activities but I would predict that Cole and others will run a Sandcastle contest (bring shovels and sand tools) Bill D and/or Mike S might bring a game that would consist of avoiding a ball. Can someone  come up with a Volleyball net?Any and all other group camp or beach games are welcome.
                  If you have firewood at home bring a box (don't buy it at camp until we know we need it).  People who get free parking will be in charge of wood.
                     Cost is 50 dollars for Dad and one kid; 25 dollars for additional kids. Please send checks (now) to:
Chris Hilton
100 Timbercove Dr
Campbell 95008

Any questions call Chris at 408 8597725.  Cancellations will be refunded;  no shows will not.  If we have extra money it will go into a slush for a future event if we are short I will ask for a few dollars.  Bring six dollars a night for parking.

 If you have new people please forward this to them .This has always been a great event don't miss it.
                                        Chris Hilton

Parking and Unloading

There is a 20 minute unloading area near the campsite. It helps to bring a wagon to carry your gear to the site. There is a $6.00 fee for parking. Our campsite registration includes parking for one vehicle and entitles us to park two vehicles per site. If all the paid sites are taken, please pay the fee and let me know about it, I will reimburse you. If you arrive after all the parking spots are taken, you may have to park outside the park, after unloading your gear.

Friday, September 28, 2007

You may check in anytime after 2:00. Our campsites for Friday night are numbers 57 through 61. They are reserved in Rich Hamm's name.

Select your own spot in one of our campsites and pitch a tent. A maximum of 8 people are allowed per campsite. Bring whatever camping gear you think might be useful for the group and we will share stoves, lanterns, water jugs, etc. Last year we could have used at least one additional camp stove. Bring your own Friday dinner, Saturday breakfast and snacks and beverages. In the past, some families set up camp, and then went out for Friday dinner at a nearby restaurant.

Saturday, September 27, 2007

Breakfast Plan your own breakfast or team up in small groups

Saturday arrival please plan to arrive by 10:00, if possible. Campsites 56 through 64 will be available for Saturday night, reserved in the names of Kevin Quigley and Rich Hamm.

Morning Fun on the beach bring sunscreen, umbrellas, shovels, kites, whatever you and your child enjoy doing

Lunch Kevin Quigley will grill hot dogs and hamburgers. Bring your own beverages and snacks.

1:30 Sand castle competition

4:00 Kids break into groups and plan a skit for the campfire - Dad's help prepare for dinner

5:45 Dinner organized by Quicksilver Expedition

7:00 Campfire ceremony, skits, awards

8:00 Roast marshmallows and make s'mores

9:00 Stargazing

10:00 Campground quiet hours

Sunday, October 9, 2005

7:30 Breakfast organized by Quicksilver Expedition

Break camp

Free play on the beach



From Highway 1, south of Aptos, San Andreas Road heads southwest and continues for several miles to Manresa, the first beach access upon reaching the coast.

Google Map and Directions

Recommended clothing

The weather can be changeable. Nights can be quite chilly. Layered clothing is recommended. 

Sun, Moon, Tides

Saturday, September 30, Pacific Daylight Time

Sunrise: 7:02 AM
Sunset: 6:52 PM
Moonset: 12:20 AM (just after midnight)
Moon phase: First quarter (waxing half moon)

Tide Predictions, Pacific Daylight Time
Santa Cruz, CA

Friday 9/29
2:57 PM 6.57 feet High Tide
11:30 PM 2.10 feet Low Tide

Saturday 9/30
8:02 AM 5.15 feet High Tide
9:16 AM 5.14 feet Low Tide
4:20 PM 6.60 feet High Tide

Sunday 10/1
12:35 AM 1.84 feet Low Tide
8:12 AM 5.37 feet High Tide
11:46 PM 4.99 feet Low Tide

See tide chart below.

Things to Bring

We would appreciate it if each car could bring one small box of firewood for our group campfire.

Please bring your own food for Friday dinner, Saturday breakfast, Saturday lunch, and any between meal snacks or drinks. Saturday dinner and Sunday breakfast will be organized by the Expedition.

Personal Items
Don't forget to bring personal eating items (plates, cups, silverware, etc.) and camping gear. We won't all need to bring stoves, lanterns, and the like, but bring it if you have it.

A half moon will not set until late, but we should still have a great view of the heavens.

Suggestions for Packing

Personal Items

Personal Gear Also Needed




Tee shirt

Ground cloth



Sleeping bag






Air mattress



Air pump




Coffee pot


First aid kit

Trash Bags



Duct Tape



Tool Kit



Marshmallow sticks



Wash Basin



Dish soap



Scrub brush

Insect repellent

Quarters for showers?

Paper towels

Walking Stick


Aluminum foil

Sand castle tools


Can opener

Folding chairs






Tide Chart

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