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Spring Campout Yosemite National Park

Yosemite National Park embraces a spectacular tract of mountain-and-valley scenery in the Sierra Nevada, which was set aside as a national park in 1890. The park harbors a grand collection of waterfalls, meadows, and forests that include groves of giant sequoias, the world's largest living things.




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  • $30 per person paid in advance for campsite and four meals.
  • $20 per car paid on entrance to the park.
  • Fees due by April 15
  • 42 person limit
  • Please send email to confirm your attendance to:
Southwest YMCA


From Rich's flyer: "On May 4th the kids that are going will meet at the Southwest YMCA at 6:30 pm. They will be planning out the menu for the event and going to the local stores to make sure that we have all of the food supplies that we need. On May 5th the dads and daughters will meet at the North Pines Campgrounds, and the dads and sons will meet at the Upper Pines Campgrounds. We have 5 camp sites at Upper Pines and 2 camp sites at North Pines. We can have 6 people stay at each site, but only two tents, be prepared to buddy up. On May 4th the kids are going to get up and help prepare breakfast and clean the dishes. When breakfast is over we will pack up our stuff and head out to a day of exploration. After a day in the valley we will return back to our campsites for another meal prepared by the kids. On May 7th we will get up and have breakfast and start packing up. One last stop at Mariposa Groove to see the big trees before we head back."

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